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arts advocacy
assistance/membership for first-time producers
assistance/membership for OCCASIONAL producers
Board development; build a stronger TPLLA Board of Directors
branding of theatre in Los Angeles
collective bargaining with unions (AEA, SDC, USA)
discussions with Actors Equity about controversial issues (definition of "member companies", volunteerism, etc.)
discussions with Actors Equity about non-controversial issues (What about 99 seat theatres reducing capacity to 50? What about showcases produced by playwrights, or composers, or visual artists, etc?
enforcing standards and practices at TPLLA theatres (actor/audience safety, compliance with laws, etc.)
expanding the Producers' League to "the greater Los Angeles area" (Orange, Ventura, Inland Empire, etc.)
joint marketing for member companies; combining resources
marketing partnerships: LASA, Tourist Board, Footlights, ALAP, City/County arts agencies, etc.
member benefits (board development help; grants; shared resources, etc).
part-time TPLLA staff
website listing TPLLA theatres' performances

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